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Changing the Culture of Menstruation

A lack of access to period products is an issue that has affected every woman from professionals to teenagers, preventing women from participating in daily activities. These issues are only magnified when a woman is experiencing period poverty, further burdened by the stigma of menstruation. Menstro is made up of two main components, our political advocacy and period product donations. Our goal is to give period products to those experiencing period poverty directly.

Programs: Our Causes

Political Advocacy

To address the immediate issue we have begun meeting with our local city of Ottawa officials to advocate for the accessibly of period products. Over the past three months, we have been meeting with 6 city councillors and their offices. Our most recent aim is to push the City to provide period products in its bathrooms. The first step is to implement a pilot project to show the need and cost of executing a long term project. Kanata North Councillor, Jenna Sudds has presented a councillor inquiry at the Community and Protective Service Committee meeting on February 20, 2020; to explore the implementation of a pilot project. We hope to see it debated at a committee meeting in the near future, then again at a city council meeting.

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